Center od Competence Novel Infrastructure for Workable Applications “C^2NIWA” is a project aiming to provide comprehensive services in the area of modern development platforms for parallel, distributed, and mobile applications. The Center will offer its users advanced IT infrastructure, software platforms for application development and a wide range of consulting services.


Technical aspects

The project utilizes three original solutions developed at Gdańsk University of Technology:

  1. BeesyCluster – platform that allows easy execution and management of computations related to data analysis, simulations, and modeling in large-scale cluster computing environment,
  2. KASKADA – platform dedicated to processing multimedia streams in real time,
  3. WikiWS – platform for building Web Services and applications based on them using an open programming model that enables the reuse of services as well as their cataloging, storage, deployment and execution management.

The abovementioned platforms, combined with professional BPEL environment and modern cloud and virtualization infrastructure, will allow us to offer our users a universal set of tools and services to enable integration of high level applications and services.

Human aspects

The C^2NIWA project combines both technical and human aspects. The main assumption is that three main types of actors will participate and cooperate freely in order to better realize scientific and business enterprises. Those actors are:

  • employees of the Center, whose task is to provide support for the implemented platforms, promote the enterprises realized within the Center and offer training and consultations in the area of the Centre’s expertise,
  • application and service developers who will create useful solutions using the tools available within the Center, and will make them available to other users in order to test them and find possible improvements,
  • users who wish to gain knowledge about the state of development of applications and services in a specific area of application and use those applications for their own purposes, thereby satisfying their aspirations or hobbies.

Knowledge gathering

C^2NIWA’s aim is also to gather knowledge about the products developed by the Center and their usage (recommendations), possibilities of improvements in the development process (optimization) and how to manage ongoing activities. This knowledge will allow specification of different types of socio-psychological factors that will lead to more efficient work, better team organization and support in proper selection of team members.


Data obtained during the monitoring of the implemented enterprises, enhanced by usage reports, will not only provide well-documented case studies, but also allow the discovery of unknown relations that exist between the actors involved in the projects. The acquired knowledge will help defining the criteria describing the appropriate solution for a given problem or to determine the direction of modernizations for applications and services. The Center will therefore require:

  • suitable computational model supporting implementation of the abovementioned actions,
  • effective procedures for collecting data,
  • analysis of the data in order to improve the assessment and selection of possible actions.

Advantages of our Center

  1. High technological capabilities and level of counseling services offered by the Center.
  2. Attractiveness of developed and offered solutions and realized innovative enterprises.
  3. Possibility to commercialize results of projects by introducing improved IT products which are demanded by the market.
  4. Quality of promotion and other forms of project popularization, e.g. organization of competitions for selected communities or professional training.